Create 6eauty by doing some prep work. Part 1.

Something I want to do this year is to draw portraits of my sons’ stuffed animals. Lately, I have been watching some YouTube videos to learn how to use pastels. My favorite pastelist to watch, so far, is Alain Picard His work is amazing! I really like his impressionist style, but I also likeContinue reading “Create 6eauty by doing some prep work. Part 1.”

Create 6eauty by showing gratitude!

When we first moved back “home” to my husband’s hometown after his pharmacy schooling was complete, I did not take a job as a band director, because I knew we wanted to have a child within the year. And we did. After a few years, I began teaching children’s choir at church. The year wasContinue reading “Create 6eauty by showing gratitude!”

Finished this pet portrait today!

I have been working on this pet portrait of Jerome for a friend of mine. This is an example of the kind of drawing I usually do. I have done several portraits of people’s pets. I have also drawn a pencil portrait of my husband’s grandfather. I enjoy drawing for the purpose of drawing andContinue reading “Finished this pet portrait today!”

Create 6eauty when you have an idea. Right then.

I began today with feeding the kids breakfast and taking them to school as usual. I do two drop-offs due to the boys having 2 different start times at 4 different schools. I got home, got dressed and decided to start my day at home by Creating 6eauty first with myself. I didn’t just putContinue reading “Create 6eauty when you have an idea. Right then.”

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