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Create 6eauty by learning something new…

I absolutely love to create things. Sometimes I feel like I am good at it and sometimes I don’t. But I really like to create either way. I am happiest when I am making something. I get lost in the doing and the next thing I know 3 hours have passed. It is so muchContinue reading “Create 6eauty by learning something new…”

Create 6eauty by being vulnerable

With the encouragement of my husband, I went out and got some new pastels yesterday. The pastels I had were nice, but I had very limited colors. I had no red and only very light greens. So, I went to our local craft store and purchased several sets of pastels, a large clipboard, paper, andContinue reading “Create 6eauty by being vulnerable”

Create 6eauty to document places that are uniquely special to you.

Hello! It has been a while since my last post because I hurt my back. It is so difficult to create 6eauty in your home when it hurts to move. Thankfully, I am on the mend. It just took a little time. We are on spring break this week so I have more time toContinue reading “Create 6eauty to document places that are uniquely special to you.”

Hibernating 6eauty

Some time last fall, my husband and I went and got a pickup truck load of dirt and unloaded it on the edge of our yard outside our bedroom window. Since we moved here 11 years ago, I have wanted to put tons of flowers on that side of the house, so when we lookContinue reading “Hibernating 6eauty”

Create 6eauty by passing down the love of music to the next generation.

Today, like most Wednesdays, at 12:30, I FaceTimed the daughter of the person I hung out with the most in high school. We were pretty inseparable, my friend and I. We played in the band together. We would go to each other’s houses. We would ride around together in our cars, listening to Harry ConnickContinue reading “Create 6eauty by passing down the love of music to the next generation.”

Create 6eauty and travel through time—right in your laundry room.

The above is a piece I drew last year for my husband to put in his woodworking shop. We decided, however, that hanging it in the shop was not the best place, because it would get covered in sawdust. So, today, I chose to hang it up in our laundry room. Now, every time IContinue reading “Create 6eauty and travel through time—right in your laundry room.”

Beauty has many forms in a house full of boys.

As a mom of 4 quickly growing boys, I create beauty in different ways. What I may find beautiful, my boys may not, and vice versa. Today was “make a week’s worth of waffles” day. Every week, I make around 50 waffles (6 batches) so that I can keep them in the freezer so allContinue reading “Beauty has many forms in a house full of boys.”

Finished this pet portrait today!

I have been working on this pet portrait of Jerome for a friend of mine. This is an example of the kind of drawing I usually do. I have done several portraits of people’s pets. I have also drawn a pencil portrait of my husband’s grandfather. I enjoy drawing for the purpose of drawing andContinue reading “Finished this pet portrait today!”

Let’s Get Started!

Don’t you love it when Thanksgiving Day comes to an end and you get to decorate for Christmas for the entire weekend afterwards?  Of course Christmastime is most important because it is when we celebrate the birth of our Savior, but it is also a time when we prioritize beauty in the home.  Unlike anyContinue reading “Let’s Get Started!”