Creating 6eauty with the bread of life

Today was a rainy day, therefore, my boys’ sports practices were cancelled, which always makes for a nice surprise and a free evening. I had already planned on having spaghetti, which is my go-to dinner if I don’t feel like cooking anything fancy. Most of the boys like it and it is very easy toContinue reading “Creating 6eauty with the bread of life”

Beauty has many forms in a house full of boys.

As a mom of 4 quickly growing boys, I create beauty in different ways. What I may find beautiful, my boys may not, and vice versa. Today was “make a week’s worth of waffles” day. Every week, I make around 50 waffles (6 batches) so that I can keep them in the freezer so allContinue reading “Beauty has many forms in a house full of boys.”

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