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Create 6eauty by doing some prep work. Part 1.

Something I want to do this year is to draw portraits of my sons’ stuffed animals.

Lately, I have been watching some YouTube videos to learn how to use pastels. My favorite pastelist to watch, so far, is Alain Picard His work is amazing! I really like his impressionist style, but I also like his more detailed portraits. I would love to be able to do pastel portraits like Alain. That would be so awesome!

One of the things that Alain recommends doing before beginning your work, is to make a thumbnail sketch from the reference picture. He says in the link above (around minute 2:15) that many artists tend to skip this step, but he expresses the importance of creating the thumbnail sketch. It helps to grasp the simple value shapes of the composition and makes your final work so much better.

Yesterday, I thought, why not try to do some prep work with the stuffed animal portrait I want to do. If Alain suggests doing it, then there must be something to it. So, I did. First, I got my sketch book out and drew a small rectangle at a 5×7 ratio. I already had the reference picture I wanted. It was of Peanut Butter, my 3rd son’s favorite lovee. It had pretty simple lines and good contrast of light and dark. So, I drew a sketch, really trying to show the light and dark areas in the sketch. I am happy with how it turned out.

Thumbnail sketch of “Peanut Butter”

Create 6eauty by doing some prep work!

In my next post, I will show you step two of my prep work.

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