Create 6eauty by learning something new…

Arkansas Black Apple Tree in soft pastel

I absolutely love to create things. Sometimes I feel like I am good at it and sometimes I don’t. But I really like to create either way. I am happiest when I am making something. I get lost in the doing and the next thing I know 3 hours have passed. It is so much fun and so therapeutic.

I am not sure what made me get out some pastels I had lying around. It may have been just because I started this blog this year. But around February or March, I started experimenting with some pastels that I had. I found a few pastelists to follow on social media and some tutorials on YouTube as well. I have come to just love pastels. I have always been a little hesitant with using color. I have stuck with doing pencil portraits for at least 10 years. But after seeing what some people can do with pastels, I just can’t stop thinking about the next piece of art I am going to create.

There are two things that have really made the difference in drawing with pastels.

Paper and the color wheel.

I had been using pastel paper, which is fine, but it will only take so much pigment before you just cannot add anymore color to it. Sanded paper is so much nicer to use. It can really grab the pigment and hold onto it, making a much brighter and less muddy piece. I plan to try watercolor paper next!

The color wheel is magical for me. On a Color wheel that I purchased, there is a grid showing the relationships between colors. In the photo above I used colors in a tetrad relationship, which are four colors that are two sets of compliments. In this example, I used blue-violet, red, green, and yellow-orange. The color wheel really helped me to understand which colors look good when used together.

So the next time you want to create some 6eauty in your life, pick up something that you may have tried before or something completely new. And just go for it. We have so much information right at our fingertips. You can pretty much learn to do anything you want to do if you just put in some time, a little money, and lots of practice!

Go and create some 6eauty in your life by learning something new!

Tell me in the comments what new thing you are learning!

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