Create 6eauty by showing gratitude!

Donut the Great Dane

When we first moved back “home” to my husband’s hometown after his pharmacy schooling was complete, I did not take a job as a band director, because I knew we wanted to have a child within the year. And we did. After a few years, I began teaching children’s choir at church. The year was somewhere around 2007, 2008 maybe. I had a sweet group of kiddos. One stood out to me as such a great musician, who was only in elementary school. He went on to sing in a boy choir, played in the school band, sang in the school chorus, and became valedictorian of his class. After high school, he graduated from Julliard with a music degree.

My third son started taking piano lessons from him a year and a half ago. After this summer he will go back to New York for graduate school. He wants to compose music for movies. And I am sure he will. My son is having his one and only recital this weekend before my former student/his piano teacher leaves for New York. As an expression of gratitude I drew a portrait of his Great Dane, Donut. I hope he likes the portrait, and I hope he realizes how much I appreciate all he has done for my son!

Create 6eauty by showing gratitude!

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