Hibernating 6eauty

Tulip emerging from the ground.

Some time last fall, my husband and I went and got a pickup truck load of dirt and unloaded it on the edge of our yard outside our bedroom window. Since we moved here 11 years ago, I have wanted to put tons of flowers on that side of the house, so when we look out our windows we would see beautiful, colorful flowers in the spring. Well, last year, with having so much time because of covid, I finally put some bulbs out . We unloaded the dirt, each of us with a shovel, one shovel full at a time. When we finished, I got the box of tulip bulbs I bought at Lowe’s, and planted the entire box. We then covered the bulbs. It basically looked exactly the same as before. Just maybe less grass/weeds on top. It looked like fresh dirt.

Fast forward to several months and a whole season from then and we see that the days are getting longer and we are having warm days more often. Spring is just around the corner and has kissed this hibernating 6eauty. The tulips are awakened and stretch for the sun. In a few weeks, these flowers will be a brilliant red and I will finally see flowers out of my bedroom window.

Sometimes, we must create 6eauty that will not be seen for a while. Such 6eautiful things like planning a vacation or saving for college, making grocery lists for yummy meals, teaching manners, and so many more things. Sometimes all our effort is at the beginning of something and others may not get the enjoyment of it until much later. It does not mean that it is not 6eautiful, it just means we have to wait. And waiting can be difficult. But waiting is very necessary to obtain those things that are hibernating. It makes for such a special time when the 6eauty finally arrives.

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