Create 6eauty by passing down the love of music to the next generation.

Ready to give a virtual clarinet lesson to a daughter of my best friend from high school.

Today, like most Wednesdays, at 12:30, I FaceTimed the daughter of the person I hung out with the most in high school. We were pretty inseparable, my friend and I. We played in the band together. We would go to each other’s houses. We would ride around together in our cars, listening to Harry Connick Jr., the Cranberries, and the Sleepless in Seattle soundtrack. Such good times. How I would like to go back and just peer into a day or two of our lives back then. My friend and I sat in the front row across from each other in band class. She played clarinet and I played (and still play) the flute. We were in lots of concerts together during those 4 years of high school. I look back fondly on that time of my life. After high school, I went on to study music in college and became a band director. So when my friend asked if I would teach her daughter to play the clarinet, I jumped at the opportunity. Her daughter is a virtual student in school this year so I give lessons virtually over FaceTime. It isn’t the same as an in-person lesson, of course, but because she doesn’t get to attend band class, it is better than nothing. It is important to me to pass on my love of music to the next generation. It is one of my passions. I just love to work with her on a challenging part of music and see her face when she plays it correctly. Pure joy for both of us. We usually end the lesson by playing a duet. The part of band that she really misses out on with being a virtual student is playing with a bunch of unique individuals and coming together to create 6eauty as one piece of music with an emotion and life of its own, never again to be played in the exact same way. There is nothing else like it. So she may not get to play with a room full of people, but it is important to be able to play with another human being, even if it is just a duet. I am so happy I get to pass down the love of music, not only to my own children, but to the child of a friend who I have known for close to 30 years.

Here is a song I found today about old friends. Check it out!

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