Create 6eauty and travel through time—right in your laundry room.

The above is a piece I drew last year for my husband to put in his woodworking shop. We decided, however, that hanging it in the shop was not the best place, because it would get covered in sawdust. So, today, I chose to hang it up in our laundry room. Now, every time I do laundry (which is pretty much all of the time since there are 6 of us), and I see this drawing, it is almost as if I am visiting Grandmom and Granddad again.

Who were Grandmom and Granddad you ask? I am delighted to tell you a little about them……

My husband’s grandparents were two of the sweetest people ever to live on this earth. They were such kind human beings. They were as much like my grandparents to me as my own. They lived in the same house for close to 60 years, and I knew them 19 of those years! When our boys were young, I would take them to Grandmom and Granddad’s house. We so enjoyed visiting them in their space. The boys looked forward to the day we planned to go each week. They gathered in their living room and played with toys that were still there from when my husband was little. In the summer, we went out back and picked blueberries off of their humongous blueberry bushes. Granddad occasionally took the boys for rides on his tractor. The boys climbed his huge fig tree and had the best time. Granddad tried to stay active by walking a trail he made around their house. He was a very frugal man, having grown up in the Depression. He kept things instead of throwing them out, because he might use them again one day. To keep up with how many laps he or Grandmom walked around the trail, he strung up a few old-fashioned clothes pins on a wire between two posts. As they walked, they moved a clothespin from one side of the wire to the other. It was a pretty clever and utilitarian contraption. It was so Granddad.

We lost Grandmom and Grandad within a month of each other in 2014. After their passing, we went to their house and took some photos to capture the places/things we wanted to remember. The kind of places/things that by just seeing them makes you smile. Their trail contraption to count laps is one of those things.

So, this simple piece of artwork I drew with a pencil may just look like old clothespins to you. But to me, my husband, and our boys, it transports us back in time to the visits with two very special people at a very special time of our lives.

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